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Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer
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Case Studies

Parkway, Inc.

"Utilizing Honest Buildings for the bidding and tracking of each project we have begun to see up to a 20% reduction in time to build out the spaces, which gives us considerable competitive advantage in securing tenants at our assets."

Michael Fransen, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Parkway

View the Parkway, Inc. case study.


Milstein Properties

"Honest Buildings easily reduced project costs by 5 - 15% based on improved visibility / transparency into both the bid process and project progression. The delta between bid cost and final cost was a lot closer on projects that went through Honest Buildings."

Michael Milstein, Partner, Milstein Properties

View the Milstein Properties case study.


Rudin Management

“With the platform in place, we have been able to increase revenue by delivering projects more quickly while simultaneously driving down costs by reducing change orders through more coordinated communication."

Michael Rudin, Vice President, Rudin Management

View the Rudin Management case study.

MRP Realty

“As our team members began to use the platform I received feedback that it was ‘priceless’ because they now have all they need at a glance instead of having to search through emails and shared drives for data."

Dan Dilmanian, Director of Asset Management, George Comfort & Sons

View the George Comfort & Sons case study.


Avison Young Dallas

I used the Honest Buildings platform to go line-by-line through our bid with a new general contractor, and with that visibility we were able to identify an extra $1.50 PSF or 4% in savings for the project."

Jim Louis, Principal, Avison Young

View the Avison Young Dallas case study.


"We saw a nearly immediate return on investment in time and project savings for our team and our clients after we adopted Honest Buildings. Honest Buildings is giving our team members over 25% of their week back."

Andrew Gutman, President, NAI Farbman

View the NAI Farbman case study.


Lightstone Group

“Using Honest Buildings frees me up from shuffling too many Excel documents and gives me time to focus on revenue creation for each of the assets. It also keeps me informed from a capital perspective as I can monitor how any capital project or PIP is going in real time."

Marc Dober, Vice President of Asset Management, Lightsone

View the Lightstone case study.



"It is critical to be able to easily access and exchange the most up-to-date information on capital projects and service contracts happening across our national portfolio. The Honest Buildings platform allows our entire team to be on the same page with accurate, real-time data."

Sara Shank, Head of Portfolio Management, Beacon Capital Partners

View the Beacon Capital Partners case study.


MRP Realty

"Who has the information about how much it costs to do an elevator modernization in a 12-story building with six elevators? With Honest Buildings, all of our information is going to be in one place and we'll be able to mine that data."

Kathy Allgier, Executive Vice President, MRP Realty

View the MRP Realty case study.


Vendor Success Case Study

"It’s been great to see how quickly and easily our vendors have learned to bid through the Honest Buildings platform—even those vendors who aren’t typically comfortable with technology. Using Honest Buildings is an easy way to improve how our project teams communicate and collaborate."

Paul Mandel, Vice President of Construction, Rudin Management Company

View the vendor success case study.

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