16 Insights CRE Owners Need Before Adopting New Technology [GUIDE]

From integrations to security to implementation

Bringing enterprise-grade technology into your commercial real estate company is an important decision. If made thoughtfully and strategically, it's a decision that will produce positive benefits for many years.

It can also feel like a complicated process because it usually involves stakeholders from across your company and a variety of organizational goals that need to be satisfied. This guide will help you address the most important factors in selecting and implementing new technology in a more manageable and efficient way. 

In this guide, you will find:

16 Insights Before Buying cover.png

check mark.png  An analysis of how your new software should address the competing needs of real estate teams

check mark.png  Security questions you should ask your technology provider

check mark.png Best practices for including cross-functional stakeholders in the selection process without getting in the way of your IT team

check mark.png  Recommendations on partnering with your tech provider to roll out a new system, including mapping workflows, training team members and integrating with other platforms already in use. 


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