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CATALYST: Technology Advocates and the Opportunity in Urban Progress

ABout the Panel

Up until recently, only some professionals inside real estate organizations—namely asset managers, property managers and project managers—got to have a hands-on impact on their properties. With the increasing adoption of real estate technology, a new group of professionals have the chance to add value to their companies' portfolios. Hear how technologists are leveraging their know-how and collaborating with on-the-ground teams in all new ways.

The panelists
Jenn Michaels
VP of IT Enterprise Solutions
JBG Smith
Robert Entin

Rob-Print 2016 (1)
Sandy Jacolow

Sandy Jacolow
Silverstein Properties
Clint Osteen
Senior Director of IT
Clint Osteen
Dennis Main
VP of IT
Dennis Main
Equity Commonwealth
Moderator – Geoff Lewis
CHief Product Officer
Honest Buildings

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