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Customer Story: Y7 Studio


Founded in 2013, Y7 Studio offers yoga for people who think they hate yoga. Number 80 on the Inc. 5000, their 3-year growth rate is 4,022% and projected to continue. Rapid growth made budgeting and estimating timelines challenging, especially without a dedicated project management team. Although there was a deep desire to understand and analyze their projects as they grow, Y7 realized they lacked bandwidth, headcount, and CRE expertise.

Y7 is a lean team focused on growing their core business, a yoga community, not a real estate company. Still, success means efficiently, economically, and consistently building out amazing spaces. Alexandra Seijo, Director of Operations and Stephanie Lung, Director of Strategy & Analytics, were charged with finding a “scalable, understandable, and trackable,” solution.

If we’re going to value engineer our spaces, and open six locations a year, we can’t spend an entire month redoing all our budgets every single time. We need to compare our spend and understand what makes a Y7 a Y7.




When Seijo and Lung were introduced to Honest Buildings, it was clear that the platform had the capacity to eliminate duplicate work and silos while allowing them to learn from their data. Honest Buildings presented the framework Y7 needed to execute current projects at lower cost and with greater efficiency, and perhaps more importantly, to improve decision-making as they learned from historical data.

Alex Seijo“We tracked projects in emails and notes, there was no streamlined process. Honest Buildings has empowered us to better manage projects. It’s completely changed our approach to building out new locations.”


Construction is not Y7’s native language, but given their growth, they must speak it fluently. The Y7 team was excited to implement Honest Buildings in part because it allows them to examine archival information from past projects, facilitating analysis of where they spend money while comparing how each location performs.

“The ability to compare bids across general contractors was a huge win for us. Honest Buildings translated everything project-related into a common language. It has changed the conversation and given us more negotiating power.



Since rolling out Honest Buildings, Y7 relies less on construction vendors and third-parties, and instead, develops in-house expertise and ownership. Framework and easy access to digestible data enables Seijo and Lung to strategically track and more broadly understand their projects, so they can report back to leadership and the board with clarity and confidence.

Stephanie Lung

With Honest Buildings, we are able to understand the scope of a project in a consolidated way and incorporate everything that we’ve learned in the past to inform our future.

stephanie lung, DIRECTOR OF strategy & analytics

Honest Buildings provided Y7 with the tools to more strategically steer, manage, and analyze their own business in a proactive way. With their high speed growth, the defined project management infrastructure introduced with the implementation of Honest Buildings has allowed Y7 to move beyond the mentality of “just getting across the finish line.” Standardizing the way Y7 tracks, manages, and then analyzes their projects has bridged silos in skills sets, enabled them to stay lean, and empowered them to take ownership of their projects.

Honest Buildings changed the way we think about projects, going from just getting it done to doing it right.



Established in 2013, Y7 Studio offers sweat dripping, beat bumping, candlelit yoga. With a portfolio of 12 studio locations across New York and Los Angeles, and plans to open an additional 6 locations across the country by the end of 2019. Alexandra Seijo is the Director of Operations and Stephanie Lung is the Director of Strategy & Analytics for Y7 Studio.


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