MRP Realty and other high-growth CRE companies are using technology to scale faster and smarter

MRP Realty is a leading owner, developer and operator for office, industrial, retail and residential real estate in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York. Like other fast-growing companies, they're looking to technology as a way to sensibly and methodically scale their business activities.

Here, MRP's Executive Vice President Kathleen Allgier talks about their decision to integrate CRE technology, including the Honest Buildings project management and procurement platform.



"One of the things that can get lost over time is information. Who has the information about how much it costs to do an elevator modernization in a 12-story building with six elevators? With Honest Buildings, all of our information is going to be in one place and we’ll be able to mine that data.”

Kathy Allgier, Executive Vice President
MRP Realty  |  Vertically-Integrated Owner / Operator

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