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The Ultimate Guide to Project Bidding

For CRE owners and managers

Bidding for capital, construction and tenant improvement projects is a common and complex process for commercial real estate owners and managers. It's a critical step in optimizing project and portfolio returns.

And yet, many project managers, property managers and even asset managers learn the process piecemeal or on-the-fly, without the knowledge of proven best practices or industry standards.

Honest Buildings is pleased to provide a comprehensive overview of the bidding process to early-career practitioners who want to learn the best way to drive value and mid-career professionals who want to make their practice even more efficient.

After reading this guide, you will be more confident:

The Ultimate Guide to Bidding

check mark.png  Creating bid forms for the most accurate apples-to-apples comparisons

check mark.png  Managing interactions with the bidders including walkthroughs, RFIs and scope updates

check mark.pngAnalyzing bids through leveling and uncovering outliers

check mark.pngMoving to the best and final round

check mark.pngPackage bidding and preserving relevant data for forecasting future projects


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