Guide to World-Class Vendor Management

Guide to Building a World-Class Vendor Bench

Optimizing Your Vendor Management Process

The real estate industry is built on relationships, and few are more important than the ones you’ve built with your service providers.

You share expectations, a familiarity with the process and the ability to work together to bring your projects to successful completion.


“I’ve got a guy for that.”    —  Every person you know in real estate


So, how can you make sure your vendor bench and your vendor management process are optimized to get your projects completed on time and on budget?

In this guide, you will learn:

Guide to World-Class Vendor Management

Vendor Management  Warning signs that your vendor bench is putting your future projects at risk of going over budget

Vendor Management  Why inviting too many vendors to bid can backfire

Vendor Management  Quick and dirty tips on how to make sure your vendor is the right fit for your construction project

Vendor Management  What data you should be collecting on your vendors to make better hiring decisions in the future

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